Alice Hebdon is a costume designer, these are her ideas, productions and inspirations.

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Case Histories

I am a massive fan of the author Kate Atkinson so I was quite surprised to see that the BBC have adapted her novels into a drama series. I was quite dubious about the adaption because of the complicated story line but so far I have really enjoyed it and think Jason Isaac makes a brilliant Jackson Brodie. Coincidentally, I did some designs for Case Histories as part of a university project a few years ago, see my drawings above and weirdly the ideas I had are similar to the look of the BBC adaption.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Finding treasure...

I hired costumes for the Marcella shoot (below) in a wonderful hire shop called Saratoga Trunk, an absolutely amazing find, tucked away in an industrial estate you wouldn't believe the amount of beautiful clothes from every era. I borrowed some authentic 1930's outfits and these amazing crocodile skin shoes and bag, the bag even comes with crocodile claws!  

Friday, 27 May 2011

Modernist Marcella

I was asked by artist and friend Henry Coombes to create a cubist, modernist hat that could look like an architectural model. I made the hat out of white card and made a very strong structural shape that would clash with the traditional 1930's suit. The overall feel of the film is inspired by Edward Steichen and the photo was taken by brilliant photographer Janet Wilson.

Pulp the Movie

I recently completed designing and supervising costumes for a British comedy feature film Pulp. Here are some behind the scenes photos with my good friend and amazing make up artist Rachael Cahalin. Enjoy a series of funny videos created by Pulp to debate about some important issues on their very own Pulp channel!

Magic Towards your Face

I designed and made costumes for a short film directed by Henry Coombes - an artist with a brilliant imagination and vision. I had great fun creating these hats from salad and pencils, you can see more photos by Janet Wilson on my website.

Cirk Isis Promo

Visit the Cie ISIS website to check tour dates this summer in France, Belgium and Sweden!


I worked with Cirk ISIS, a small circus group of seriously talented performers. I had the pleasure of making and designing a unique quick change costume for an act by Magali Bancel. This was a huge challenge but so rewarding to see the finish product work at the premiere of the show at their home in Pargny-Filain, France. They are on tour this summer in France, Belgium and Sweden. A must see show!